Q. What is Trinity Hall?

A. Trinity Hall is a female – only student accommodation based within the Pan–Atlantic University campus.

Q. How much is the cost of stay at Trinity Hall?

A. (amount to be indicated here based on hall management agreed fees)

Q. How can I apply for University accommodation?

A. You can apply by sending an email to trinityhallpau@gmail.com

Q. When is the deadline to apply for accommodation?

A. The deadline to apply for accommodation is announced each academic session.

Q. Can I still apply for accommodation if I have missed the deadline?

A. Yes you can still apply but spaces are not guaranteed. Allocation will be subject to availability of bedspaces.

Q. How is the accommodation allocated?

A. The accommodation is allocated to particular rooms. The allocation process takes into account the type of accommodation preferred, as indicated on the application

Q. Am I eligible to apply for accommodation if I am studying part-time?

A. You can apply for accommodation; however, priority will be given to full-time students. Given the expected demand for accommodation from full-time students, it is unlikely that accommodation will be allocated to a part-time student prior to the start of the academic year.

Q. I have decided to defer my entry to PAU. Should I still make an application for accommodation?

A. You do not need to apply for accommodation for the year deferring. You must ensure that you apply for accommodation by the deadline of the year you plan to enroll at PAU.

Q. Will I receive acknowledgement of my accommodation application?

A. Trinity Hall Student Accommodation aims to acknowledge all applications submitted, by email.

Q. Are the residences mixed sex or single sex?

A. All Trinity hall rooms are same sex rooms (female only).

Q: How can I pay residence fees for Trinity Hall accommodation?

A: Please call the phone number on the Contacts page

Q: How are rooms allocated

A: Rooms are allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Q: Do residence fees for Trinity Hall accommodation include all amenities?

A: No, residence fees contain only fees for the bedspace. Other amenities are charged at reasonable prices to be advised on arrival.

Q: When can I move in?

A: For Trinity Hall residences, you can move in on (dates to be agreed upon by management and communicated via hall website). You must read the ‘Arrival Instructions’ section in the ‘Additional Information’.

Q: What is the mattress size as I would like to bring my own linen?

A: The standard bed size for a single bed is 190 x 90 cm (6ft 3” x 3ft).

Q: What furniture is provided in my room?

A: The following items are standard in all study bedrooms:

  • Wardrobe

  • Desk/table

  • Desk chair

  • Bed (including mattress & pillow)

  • Wastepaper bin

Additionally, the following items may also be provided within the hall of residence:

  • Notice board

  • Top box

  • Easy chair

  • Chest of drawers

  • Bedside cabinet

  • Under bed storage

  • Wash basin

  • Shaving light

  • Mirror

Q: How many residents share kitchens?

A: There is a cooking service which meets every residents meal needs.

Q: How many residents share bathrooms?

A: Only the occupants within the same room share bathrooms; which will not exceed two at any given time.

Q: Are there laundry facilities in residence?

A: There is a laundry and drying suite available on the ground floor of Trinity hall equipped with washers and driers. An iron and ironing board are provided in the drying suite, also. in our laundry there is provision for manual washing for the residents (which is not a paid service) and provision for auto washing (with washing machine & dryer) which is a paid service.

Q: Are there any car parking spaces available in residence?

A: There are a limited number of car parking spaces in Trinity hall.

Q: Can I smoke in residence?

A: In accordance with the law, smoking is not allowed anywhere in the residence. Trinity Hall also prohibits smoking immediately outside the entrances or open windows of its buildings.

Q. Can I bring my pet?

A. No, sorry. Pets are not allowed.

Q. Can I have visitors?

A. Yes, you are allowed to receive visitors at the common room on the ground floor of the hall. All visitors are allowed between 10am and 8pm. Visitors must bring proof of ID and register before they are allowed to visit.

Q. Will you help me move on?

A. Yes, we will help you find permanent accommodation and support you through this process.

HAVE ANY MORE QUESTIONS? Give us a call on the phone numbers on the website. We will be glad to help